Aruba International Regatta 2024 Friday 28th of June - Sunday 30th of June
The Aruba Regatta Foundation’s Vision is to introduce more people to Sailing and connect to Nature and Sustainable Water Sport Experiences.
We focus on the young Sailor community to grow the next generation of sailors on Aruba.
We believe that sport has a major role to play in ensuring a sustainable future for our current and future generations. Connecting to nature makes us more aware of our dependant relationship, as human beings, with nature.
Sailing is a wonderful way to connect with nature, developing our young sailors and sailing community in general as stewards for more respectful behavior towards nature. Our Regatta celebrates Sailing, People and Nature.
4 July, 2024, Aruba
To all partners, sponsors, volunteers, and participants: Thank you for your collaboration and contribution!
Thank you one and all for helping to make the 14th Aruba International Regatta such a wonderful and sustainable success. Your donations, knowledge sharing, dedication, and support were invaluable, and the Regatta would not be possible without the contributions, energy, enthusiasm, and hard work of all involved.
Your donations, time, assistance on land and on the water were invaluable. Your service as participants, race committee members, officials, medical teams, event coordinators, safety officers, media officers, sales coordinators, system builders, cleaners, food and beverage staff, stage builders, sound technicians, and registration team made the event run seamlessly.

The Regatta would not be possible without the sponsorship, collaboration, and contributions of our sponsors and partners, and the dedication of our volunteers.
The Regatta opened Friday while registrations were coming in, and the ambiance of the sunset was very nice.
This year, 98 sailors sailed more than 40 races over 2 days in different classes consisting of 14 miniature boats, 31 youth sailors in Optimists, SailQubes, Windsurfers, and F-11, 13 Sunfishes, 4 Adult Windsurfers, 3 Beachcats, 2 Live-Aboard cruisers, 1 Multihull, and 3 Racing Yachts.

All races were held at the Surfside beach location for the first time. All the sailors could now enjoy all the Regatta services and be together in one place.

Weather conditions were perfect on both racing days with sun and 14 knot winds with stronger gusts on the ocean.

Each race was a duel of strategy and ability, trying to outwit their opponents in a game of chess on the water.

There were no protests thanks to the excellent work of the race officials in the race tower and on the start boats and the sportive attitude of participants.

There were no accidents. Thanks to the safety boats with lifeguards and our land-based medics, the Regatta provided ample rescue coverage.
The prizes consisted of 42 beautiful trophies made of recycled plastic for all classes. The Ernie Kervel trophy this year went to Zane Winterdal after 2 years of dominance by Richard van der Wal (Sunfish class).
On Saturday, Ronald Hopman arranged beautiful saxophone sounds during the sunset, and on Sunday, the Originalz blew up the tent again with their awesome sounds.
Trampolin pa Trabao fed excellent lunches again during the two sailing days. Their service and food quality are truly great, and we look forward to their services next year already.
Pizza Hut provided delicious pizzas on Saturday evening.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Jackie Bingham, Rona Costner, and William Henriquez, the Regatta was organized even better than last year. No words can express my gratitude for helping make all of it happen.
The Aruba Regatta Foundation’s vision is to create a platform to introduce as many people as possible to sailing and connect people to nature and sustainable water sport experiences. We focus especially on the young sailor community to grow the next generation of sailors on Aruba.
We believe that sport has a major role to play in ensuring a sustainable future for our current and future generations. Being connected to nature helps us become aware of our relationship, as human beings, with nature.
Sailing is a wonderful way to connect with nature, developing our young sailors and sailing community in general as stewards for respectful behavior towards nature.
As president of the Aruba Regatta Foundation, I am grateful to be able to work together with all those who helped make this year's Regatta another great event.
Rik van der Vaart
This year's land side location is the Regatta Village at Surfside. See this map for exact location:
Activities and events
Friday, 28 June 2024
17:00 - 21:00
@ Surfside Beach
Registration of participation and opening party : Registration and payment can be done. The goodybags for the sailors will be distributed here also. Enjoying the sunset, cool music and some drinks and snacks, the official opening of the Regatta is the first event.
Saturday, 29 June 2024
07:00 - 09:00
Last moment registration and payment
@ Surfside
Last chance to participate : During this time you can still pay for your participation. But to be 100% sure register your participation and pay as soon as possible. Goodybags for paid participants will be distributed here also.
Saturday, 29 June 2024
09:00 - 16:00
Racing Day 1
@ Surfside Beach
First Racing Day for all classes
Saturday, 29 June 2024
17:00 - 21:00
Live music
@ Surfside Beach
Sunday, 30 June 2024
09:00 - 15:00
Racing Day 2
@ Surfside Beach
Second racing day for all classes
Sunday, 30 June 2024
16:00 - 17:00
Youth Prizes ceremony
@ Surfside Beach
Prize ceremony
Sunday, 30 June 2024
17:00 - 21:00
Live music
@ Surfside Beach
Sunday, 30 June 2024
19:00 - 20:00
Adult Prizes ceremony
@ Surfside Beach
Prize ceremony
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Posted 1 week ago and updated 1 week ago
The 14th Aruba International Regatta 2024, concludes successfully
at the Regatta Village
Oranjestad -- The International Aruba Regatta 2024 concluded on Sunday, June 30th, with two thrilling days of racing and two award ceremonies, celebrating the outstanding performances of both young and adult sailors.

Youth and miniature boat trophies were presented by Marylin Feliciana from Aruba Airport Authority, while trophies for other classes were awarded by Michelle Harms of Aruba Bank and Rik van der Vaart, president of the Aruba Regatta Foundation.

The exciting events and races took place from Friday, June 28th, to Sunday, June 30th. Given the enthusiastic reception from sailors and the public, the Aruba Regatta Foundation is already planning for next year's 15th edition.

The Aruba International Regatta featured a diverse range of sailing classes, catering to various skill levels and interests, including:

  • Optimist: Designed for very young sailors to showcase their skills and compete against their peers.
  • SailQubes: Another class for young sailors, offering a platform for juniors to demonstrate their sailing abilities.
  • F-11: Featuring racing boats known for their speed and agility, navigated by more skilled young sailors.
  • Beachcats: High-performance, lightweight catamarans raced by two-person crews, built for speed and excitement.
  • Windsurfers: An exciting class where sailors stand on a board and hold the sail for maximum speed and maneuverability. Competitions were held in three subclasses: Kids, Youth, and Adults.
  • Sunfish: A popular single-handed class navigating small, easily maneuverable sailboats, providing both exciting and challenging experiences.
  • Three Yacht Classes:
    • Live-Aboard Open Yachts: For sailing yacht captains whose boats are not necessarily designed for competitive racing.
    • Multihull: Racing multi-hulled sailboats, marking the second time in the regatta's history that multihulls have participated.
    • Racing Yachts: The most competitive class, bringing together the fastest yachts and attracting skilled sailors.
  • Miniature Boats: Traditional 30-inch, 35-inch, and 40-inch handmade small boats reflecting Aruba's maritime heritage, attracting sailors from other Caribbean islands.
The Aruba International Regatta continues to grow in quality and excitement each year, and this year's event was no exception. A record level of 98 sailors, including 31 youths, participated this year, in the following categories:
  • 14 Miniatuurboat captains, each with maximum 3 boats
  • 31 Youth sailors in the Windsurf, Optimist, SailQube and F11 classes
  • 13 Sunfishes
  • 4 Windsurfers (Adults)
  • 3 Beachcats with crew of 2 each
  • 2 Live-Aboard Cruisers Yachts each with crew of at least 5
  • 1 Multihull Yacht with a crew of 5
  • 3 Racing Class Yachts each with a crew of at least 5

The Aruba International Regatta collaborates closely with Stichting Rancho, which tirelessly works to conserve Aruba's culture, particularly Oranjestad's Caribbean heritage. SYWA, Aruba's sailing school, enjoys full support from the Regatta as they manage the youth sailing races.

This year, WRCA joined us at the Surfside location, sailing excellent courses in the Lagoon. Tactical upwind legs and fast downwind legs provided great conditions for the sailors to showcase their skills. Having WRCA with us at Surfside for both days enhanced the sense of community, integrating sailors from Aruba and the region across all classes, aligning with the Regatta's intent.

Additionally, the Regatta promotes marine conservation, raising awareness about the importance of ocean protection and preservation. By combining the excitement of sailing with a focus on environmental stewardship, the International Aruba Regatta advocates a responsible approach to water sports and recreation.

The event brought the sailing community together for an unforgettable weekend. We are already looking forward to next year's 15th Aruba International Regatta in 2025.

A heartfelt thank you to all who volunteered and helped in any way, especially the Aruba Regatta Team, whose collaborative efforts ensured the excellent execution of this event.

Posted 1 week ago
All pics available
by Noel Werleman
Our Regatta photographer Noel Werleman has again done an outstanding job to capture all the fun and action.

The opening, first day races, second day races and the prize ceremonies can be viewed and downloaded.

These series of beautiful photos are available for you in the Activities and Events section of the portal.

Posted 1 week ago and updated 1 week ago
Race Results for SYWA, WRCA and Rancho
Congratulations to all participants and the Winners.

Also to the organizing groups of WRCA, SYWA and Rancho.

Great job everybody.

Posted 1 week ago
Quick guide Starting procedure version3
With recall and postponement signals
Posted 2 weeks ago
All results are online
for all users with an account on the regatta portal
As logged in users, you can all results and standings in your dashboard under results menu. The results will be posted here after every race This is for Sunfish, Beachcat and all Yachts classes.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Sailing Instructions rev04
Updated with Yacht Courses schedule and Beachcats starting time for race 6.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Enjoy an Evening of Saxophone with Ronald Hopman at the Regatta
as the Saturday music act
We are thrilled to announce that the renowned saxophonist Ronald Hopman will be performing on Saturday, June 29th, from approximately 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM. This performance is for all our participants, guests, friends, and family. Each year, our Regatta evolves into a higher quality event, and Ronald's music will undoubtedly enhance the experience for everyone.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Change in music Saturday
We are sad announce that Hearfen has cancelled their performance on Saturday due to medical reasons. We wish them all the best and thank them. Hopefully in a future Regatta we will be able to enjoy their sounds.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Sunfish for rent during Regatta
A Sunfish is available for rent. Contact Jan Jaap at +297 561 0651.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Welcome again to ISS
started their security services now throught the event
We are very grateful to the team of Integrated Security Services. Every year they have supplied us with excellent security services as support for our Regatta. Our sailor can sleep at peace knowing their euipment on the beach saturday night is watched over by the ISS guards. Our partners who loaned or rented their equipement can rest assured their property is protected. This builds trust in aour product and event. That is why we are so grateful to partners like ISS.
Posted 2 weeks ago
The buildup has started
Regatta Village
The process of building the Aruba International Regatta Village has started. There are many steps to the process while we and our partners coordinate to get everything setup well and safe.

Tomorrow the volunteers will dress up the village with flags and banners.

Posted 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the Windracers Club Of Aruba
We welcome WRCA to the Surfside area for this year's Regatta, where they will be compete and sail their races on Saturday and Sunday. Traditionally, WRCA participates in the Regatta at the Malmok location. This year, however, they will join all other participants on the same waters, making the event even more special. The WRCA will oversee the three Windsurf classes, which will all take place in the lagoon section of Surfside.

We look forward to mingling with the windsurfers and hope they will enjoy our Regatta Village services to them.

Posted 2 weeks ago and updated 2 weeks ago
Welcome to W.E.B. Aruba N.V.
The first and not the last time...
Welcome W.E.B. Aruba N.V. to the group of supporters of the Aruba International Regatta. W.E.B. Aruba provides water to the event. This year we will setup a shower arrangement for our participants so the salt can be washed off.

Welcome and masha danki WEB!

Posted 3 weeks ago and updated 2 weeks ago
Pizza Saturday after the races
Free for participants
After a great day of sailing, nothing hits the spot like a delicious slice of pizza! Pizza Hut is generously providing a personal pizza per participant on Saturday after the races during the happy hour at Surfside Village. Stick around and enjoy some mouthwatering pizza while listening to the live music and watching a beautiful sunset...

Additional slices and whole pies will also be available for purchase.

Posted 2 weeks ago
Win Exciting Prizes and Trophies at the Aruba Regatta!
Get ready for an exhilarating weekend as over 60 sailors take to the ocean this Saturday and Sunday, vying for glory in the Aruba Regatta. The competition will be fierce as participants battle for the coveted Aruba Regatta Trophies and an array of fantastic prizes. Thanks to our generous supporters, winners will enjoy certificates for exquisite dinners, luxurious stays, top-quality goods, and other fabulous gifts.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling nautical showdown! Register your participation now and be part of the action. Join us in making this event unforgettable!

Posted 2 weeks ago and updated 2 weeks ago
Last moment registration and payment
Saturday 29th June, 0700 - 0900 hrs
During this time you can still pay for your participation at Surfside. Goodybags for the paid participants will be distributed here also. But to be 100% sure, register your participation and pay as soon as possible.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Welcome to AWASI
Ensuring Sailors' Safety at the Regatta
To prioritize the safety of our sailors and provide immediate medical assistance in case of emergencies, AWASI will be present on the ocean to support our participants. In collaboration with our shore-based E.M.S. team, we have established comprehensive professional medical safety measures for the Regatta. This partnership ensures that both on-water and on-land medical teams are ready to respond promptly to any situation, enhancing the overall safety and security of the event.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Captains meeting Yachts classes
mark the date and time
As specified in the SI, please be reminded that the captains meeting for the Yachts classes is this Friday 28th of June, 2000hrs at the Regatta Village at Surfside.
Posted 3 weeks ago and updated 3 weeks ago
Event Medical Services (E.M.S.) Joins the Aruba Regatta
Welcome to our Regatta
We are thrilled to announce that Event Medical Services (E.M.S.) will be providing emergency medical care and first aid at this year’s Aruba Regatta. On both Saturday and Sunday, during the races, E.M.S. will be working alongside our dedicated volunteers to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all participants. This marks the first year of E.M.S.'s support, and we warmly welcome them to our regatta family.

Contact info E.M.S.:

Phone: +297 592 4949


Posted 3 weeks ago
Regatta App for iPhone
beta version available
The Regatta App beta version of apple's iPhone is now available for those who would like it. Shoot us an email at so we can send you the link to it.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Thank you Mazuga Fire Protection!
Thank you, Mazuga Fire Protection, for generously providing fire protection for our Regatta. Your support ensures a safer and more successful event for everyone involved.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Join Over 50 Sailors and Counting!
More than 50 Sailors are registered to participate as of this moment and this number is growing by the hour. Make sure you register in time and pay as soon as possible to save your spot in the Regatta end of next week! The Regatta Team, our Partners and Sponsors are working hard to ensure another great Regatta.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Regatta App
Test version
We have developed a simple Regatta app as an additional platform to share information and participator services. Some of you will receive an email invitation to download this test version. If you do not receive the invitation but would like to participate in testing the app, please email us at, and we will include you in the testing pool.
Posted 3 weeks ago and updated 3 weeks ago
Get Ready for the Thrilling Miniatuurboten Races!
Excitement is building as Stichting Rancho gears up for the highly anticipated Miniatuurboten class races on June 29th and 30th! Their dedicated volunteers are hard at work to ensure everything is perfect for this spectacular event. The races will kick off at the picturesque beach near the Governor's house, offering a stunning backdrop for the start. The action will then unfold along the course, with the exhilarating finish line set right in front of the lively Regatta Village.

Participants will compete in various categories, with fierce competitions and fantastic prizes awaiting the winners of the 30", 35", and 40" boat classes. Whether you're a participant or a spectator, this event promises thrilling races, community spirit, and a whole lot of fun. Don't miss out on the excitement!

(picture courtesy of Stichting Rancho)

Posted 4 weeks ago
Countdown to Adventure: Only Two Weeks Until the 14th Aruba International Regatta!
Regatta Participants, Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers,

As we stand on the serene shores of Surfside Beach today, it’s hard to believe that in just two short weeks, this peaceful place will transform into the vibrant heart of the Aruba International Regatta. Right now, the beach is quiet and tranquil, a perfect backdrop of calm before the exhilarating action of sails and cheers.

But the anticipation is building, and we can already feel the electric buzz of excitement in the air. This tranquil beach is about to become a canvas of colorful sails, spirited competition, and fun camaraderie.

We can't wait to welcome you all—our dedicated participants, generous sponsors, active partners, and enthusiastic volunteers. Your passion and support are the winds in our sails, driving us towards what promises to be an unforgettable event.

Get ready to dive into the action, feel the adrenaline of the races, and celebrate our shared love for the sea and nature. The countdown has begun, and we are thrilled to have you all with us on this journey.

See you at Surfside Beach in two weeks!

Aruba International Regatta Team

Posted 4 weeks ago
Welcome to Aruba Ports Authority
New Sponsor
We welcome Aruba Ports Authority as a new sponsor of the Aruba International Regatta! Their support will ensure an unforgettable experience for sailors of our region. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.
Posted 1 month ago and updated 4 weeks ago
Welcome back to ATA
This year ATA is giving its support again to the Aruba International Regatta as a Gold Sponsor. We are very grateful for this support as it shows the common commitment of our organizations to our beautiful island, its nature and product. Our Regatta aims to bring together people and nature; we need all the support we can get to sustain our efforts.
Posted 1 month ago
Lunches by Trampolin!
We are thrilled to announce that Trampolin will once again provide our delicious and high-quality lunches on Saturday and Sunday. Participants and volunteers can look forward to enjoying these wonderful meals during the Regatta. With exceptional food served with a smile, we are set to have the best Regatta ever. Thank you, Trampolin, for your outstanding support!
Posted 1 month ago
Volunteers Wanted!
Are you a sailing enthusiast and would love to support the youth during their exciting races? The youth race organization needs your help, both on the water and onshore, during our regatta! Join us and experience two unforgettable days full of sailing fun on the beach. In addition to the satisfaction of helping out, you'll receive a nice shirt and enjoy two delicious lunches. Become part of our enthusiastic Regatta Team! Interested? Email us at We look forward to your help!
Posted 1 month ago
Vrijwilligers Gezocht!
Ben jij een liefhebber van zeilen en wil je de jeugd ondersteunen tijdens hun spannende wedstrijden? De jeugd wedstrijdorganisatie heeft jouw hulp nodig, zowel op het water als aan de kant, tijdens onze regatta! Doe mee en beleef twee onvergetelijke dagen vol zeilplezier op het strand. Naast de voldoening van het helpen, ontvang je een mooi shirt en geniet je van twee heerlijke lunches. Word deel van ons enthousiaste Regatta Team! Interesse? Mail ons op We kijken uit naar jouw hulp!
Posted 1 month ago
New edition All At Sea published
with a nice mention about the Aruba Regatta
This link downloads the magazine. Check page 20. 2024/05/all-at-sea-caribbean-0624.pdf
Posted 1 month ago and updated 1 month ago
Welcome back Budget Marine!
We are thrilled to welcome back Budget Marine as a sponsor of our Regatta. As one of our original sponsors, their return validates the confidence in the event and what the regatta foundation offers.

Thanks to Budget Marine's support, we will be able to provide an exceptional experience for all our sailors.

In addition to their sponsorship, Budget Marine will also supply three buoys for the Regatta.

The Aruba Regatta Foundation is immensely grateful for Budget Marine’s generous contributions.

Posted 1 month ago
Welcome Back to Arubabank!
We are delighted to announce that Arubabank will once again sponsor our Regatta this year. We are deeply grateful to Arubabank for their continued support, which ensures we can provide a better Regatta to the sailors of Aruba.
Posted 1 month ago
Welcome to ALBO
Our most loyal and consistent partner, ALBO, has been a cornerstone of our event for many years. ALBO has continually provided the essential Race Tower, enabling officials to oversee the races and ensure fair play and accurate rankings for all sailor classes.

This year, ALBO has once again committed to providing the Race Tower and fencing, for which the Aruba Regatta Foundation is immensely grateful.

Posted 1 month ago
Welcome to Bula Surf Shop
Bula Surf Shop has been a proud sponsor and partner of the Aruba International Regatta for many years. Once again, this year, Bula is generously supporting our Regatta. We warmly welcome Bula and extend our heartfelt thanks for their continued support.
Posted 1 month ago
Join the Ultimate Sailing Extravaganza!
31 Days Until the Most Anticipated Regatta – Register your Participation Now and Don't Miss Out on the Fun!
The regatta team is buzzing with excitement as we gear up for another spectacular Regatta! This sailing extravaganza is the pinnacle event for sailing enthusiasts in Aruba and across the region.

In just 31 days, the adventure begins! Prepare for two exhilarating days of sailing races, delicious food and drinks, great music, and the camaraderie of fellow sailors both on the water and at the vibrant Regatta Village on shore. It's a perfect blend of pure fun and exciting competition.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience—register your participation now! We have limited giveaways, so sign up early to secure your spot and ensure you don't miss out. Register your participation in the regatta portal here.

Be part of the excitement and let's make this the best Regatta yet!

Posted 2 months ago
Countdown to Adventure: Only Two Months Until the 14th Aruba International Regatta!
Register today
This year’s Aruba International Regatta is fast approaching, and we’re calling all sailors to join us for an exhilarating weekend of racing and fun under the sun! Whether you're a budding sailor ready to compete in the Optimist class, or you’re experienced with Sunfish, Lasers, Beachcats, Yachts or Miniatuurboats, we want you on board.

There are no limits on the number of participants, but we urge you to secure your spot early to ensure you don’t miss out. Register today and be part of an unforgettable sailing adventure. Don’t wait—sign up today and join a vibrant community of sailors at one of the most exciting events on the nautical calendar!

Posted 2 months ago
Notice Of Race
version 0
The NOR for the Regatta is now available. This may be updated as we get closer to the Regatta date.
Posted 2 months ago
14th Aruba International Regatta open for registration of participation
Registration online on this portal
The registration for your participation is available now: Go to Participate option in the menu and follow instructions.